Autographed Book – ‘How to Prepare for Everything’ by Aaron Titus


Empowering you to Face Disruption with your Community, and to Feel Good about the Future

There are an endless number of disasters to worry about. Preparing for every possible disaster leaves you with a long, disorganized list of things to buy or do, which may not match personal needs. Preparation can seem unattainable. We check off the first few items from our list, give up, and hope the zombies eat us first.
It’s time to start preparing with one simple change: Prepare for disruptions, not disasters. It doesn’t matter whether a power outage was caused by a flood, backhoe, or grandma backing into a pole. Just prepare for the power outage! Preparing for a few disruptions will prepare you for any disaster. You really can prepare for everything.We prepare better when we prepare together. How to Prepare for Everything gives you a simple, step-by-step approach to prepare yourself and your neighbors for emergencies, accidents, adventures, and life’s ups and downs.This book will give you:

  • More hope for the future.
  • A personalized preparation plan, gap analysis, and 72-hour kit plan.
  • A healthy way to talk about preparation, without fear.
  • Stronger relationships and a list of people in your support system.
  • Plans to not just survive, but to help your neighbors.
  • Training to share a community preparation workshop.

Prepare for disruptions. Prepare together. Prepare for everything.

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